About This Site

Consider saving this page for a night when you can’t fall asleep. If we’re being honest, even I’m not interested in most of these details.


Two main reasons: I want to write more, and I want a place to put longer notes to myself. Once upon a time, I was in the habit of reading and writing for hours every day. I rarely write now, and I think it shows. My writing feels flabby and repetitive and bland. I want like to fix that. Also, I like having a place where I can ramble, post observations, or put notes for my future self. Hence, this site.


Once upon a time, I used Jekyll to generate a blog. Later I switched to Nanoc. I liked them both, but I want this site to be minimal. For this incarnation of the site, I’m using a lightly customized version of makesite. Thanks to Sunaina Pai for makesite, which is—as she says—magic free and easy to customize.

As I restart this site, I’m learning Go. Over the summer, I hope to write my own version of makesite in Go. We’ll see how that works out.

I am not a designer, I don’t know much about CSS, and I don’t have opinions about typography. I’m also red-green colorblind. As a result, I gave the site a minimal look, and the colors are white, gray, a few blues, and (almost) black. (Designers and CSS people swear that people find it difficult to read true black letters on a white background.) I reviewed CSS and learned about grid and flexbox layouts by reading Interneting is Hard, which I strongly recommend. Thanks to Oliver James for that tutorial. I used Type Scale to work out the relative sizes of different elements on the page. Thanks to Jeremy Church for that tool. (This site uses the 1.125 scale, aka “major second.” The base font size is 20px because I’m old, and I prefer a relatively large font for reading.)


My name is Peter Aronoff, and online I tend to go by Telemachus (hence the name of this site). I teach Latin and Greek, and I program in my spare time. I post nonsense on Twitter, but I delete tweets every month or two.