About This Site

Consider saving this page for some night when you can’t fall asleep.


Two main reasons: I want to write more, and I want a place to put notes to myself. Once upon a time, I read and wrote for hours every day. I rarely write now, and I think it shows. My writing feels repetitive and bland. I hope to fix that. Also, I like having a place where I can ramble, post observations, or put notes for my future self. Hence, this site.


Several years ago, I used Jekyll to generate a blog. Later I switched to Nanoc. I liked them both, but I want this site to be minimal. Currently I’m using a lightly customized version of makesite. Thanks to Sunaina Pai for makesite, which is—as she says—magic free and easy to customize.

As I restart this site, I’m learning Go. Over the summer, I hope to write my own version of makesite in Go. We’ll see how that works out. (Note from a year later: I never bothered. First, makesite works well. Second, I haven’t updated this site very much. Maybe in the future?)

I am not a designer, I don’t know much about CSS, and I don’t have opinions about typography. I’m also red-green colorblind. For a while, I tried Simple.css, but currently I’m using my own minimal CSS.


My name is Peter Aronoff, and online I tend to go by Telemachus. I teach Latin and Greek, and I program in my spare time.